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Re: Surnames Poskocil and Pospisil

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  • Kaite Stevenson Hunt
    Frank, Interesting about Long Island City and the geography of 19th and early 20th centuries Bohemia. I knew that Vaclav s brother paid his passage - I guess
    Message 1 of 5 , Jun 22, 2004
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      Interesting about Long Island City and the geography of 19th and
      early 20th centuries Bohemia.

      I knew that Vaclav's brother paid his passage - I guess the
      immigrants had to have arranged for a sponsor for a year or so upon
      their arrival here. Is that correct? I tried to read the copy of the
      original ship's manifest but could not decipher the information about
      his brother - I think his name was Anton but couldn't tell from that.
      I also wondered what kind of smith Vaclav was. Interesting that it
      would be blacksmith as most of the Scots on my mom's side of the
      family were also blacksmiths. I know that Vaclav worked for a few
      years in a meat packing plant in Neb. until he'd saved enough money
      to buy a farm - what he'd always dreamed of doing. From that point
      on, he was a farmer.

      As for Antonie, the one who came over in 1907 is my g-grandmother. I
      know this for two reasons: 1) Vaclav came ahead of her and I'm pretty
      sure he paid her passage over (although it may have been paid by her
      sister and brother-in-law) 2) She did go directly from New York to
      her sister's in St Paul, Nebraska. There were several other relatives
      already in that area also. I didn't know her sister's married name
      and again, could not decipher it from the manifest.

      Supposedly Antonie left two sisters behind in Bohemia who both became
      actresses - one was a 'stage actress' and the other was in film. She
      would get letters and pictures from them through the years and these
      she would share with her children. Grandma and her sisters idolized
      those aunts and would pretend they were the actresses. :) I don't
      know if Antonie ever saw them in person again. I would love to find
      out more about them.

      By the way, may I ask what surnames you are researching? With
      Poskocil and Pokorny being such popular names, might you have any in
      your family tree? Just curious ;)

      ...And Thanks again for all of the information!


      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Frank" <frankur@w...> wrote:
      > Kaite
      > And in 1906 Vaclav who was listed as a (black)smith, went to Long
      > Island City NY and his brother had paid his passage.
      > LIC is located in Queens borough NYC.
      > It was popular with immigrants in 1900s and still very popular for
      > immigrants and is largely split up into different ethnic
      > that feel very much like the home countries of the people.
      > Of course the ethnicities have changed over tume.
      > In 1907 Antonie , age 23 (b. abt. 1884) went to her sister Bozena
      > Brimer? in St. Paul NE.
      > Antonie was born in Vrdy, Bohemia.
      > Vrdy/Wrdy/Vince is located 47 miles ESE of Praha and 10 miles east
      > Kutná Hora.
      > In 1901 an Antonie , age 18 (b. abt. 1883) had emigrated to her
      > cousin in NYC.
      > This Antonie's Last Residence was listed as Malin, Bohemia.
      > Malín is located 38 miles ESE of Praha close to Kutná Hora.
      > Zar^ic^any is located east of Kutná Hora
      > Malín is located 8 miles distant from Vrdy.
      > Vrdy is located about 34 miles distant from Zar^ic^any.
      > Frank K
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