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RE: [S-R] Lejskove, Czech-Slovakia

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    Nothing by the exact spelling you mentioned, Lejskove However, you may consider: In Slovakia: presentp-day LIESKOVEC, SLOVAKIA, near Zvolen In 1910:
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 7, 2004
      Nothing by the exact spelling you mentioned, "Lejskove"
      However, you may consider:

      In Slovakia: presentp-day LIESKOVEC, SLOVAKIA, near Zvolen
      In 1910:
      Leskowec, Trencin - formerly Vagmogyorod, pop. 349 (probably about 70-100
      houses. who's counting?)
      Leskowec, Trencin Ujhelymogyorod, pop. 850

      Bill Tarkulich

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      > Also im looking for a village in slovakia so small you could count
      the houses :). yes thats the exact words used since its coming from a
      book and they had to be carefull on what information wa said. I have
      to think its near bratislava though because she refers to it alot as
      town X. Also the Daugters of the Most Holy Savior ring anybells?
      > These is for a Branch of one of the families
      > Kondrc. Im not sure if they grew up in the same area or not But from
      > what I know there was a Micheal Kondrc who was married to a
      Maria Koricina (Koucina) one of those two spellings maybe. From a
      SS-5 form its says Brestovany
      > Ok well thanks again

      The surname Kondrc came from Brestovany located 31 miles ENE of Bratislava
      and just east of Trvana and from Buc^any located just NE of Brestovany.

      The Slovakia telephone directory lists 2 surname Kondrc under Trvana. The
      surname Kuracina can also be from Brestovany. The directory lists 6 surnames
      Kuracina under Bratislava.

      Back in July 1998 I had researched surname Kuracina from Canada. There was a
      Lawrence (Texas) and David (his brother in Canada) and a Peter (in Canada)
      >From Predajná (Sk) Garampétri (H) and Jasenie (Sk) Jecenye (H) east
      of Banská Bystricia, Slovakia.

      One surname wrote had been told surname Kuracina meant 'chicken soup'.
      Surname is derived from root word kura/kurc^a meaning chicken, hen.
      In Slovak 'chicken soup' is slepac^ia polievka.)

      Although my surname is similar there is no connection.

      Don't believe they were related to the Endicott, NY surnames
      The former surnames emigrated from Bratislava to Canada 1910-1919.
      Believe that they never received a reply from any Kuracina in New York
      A Dr. Elaine Kuracina and a another Kuracina who was a lawyer ?

      Frank K
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