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Re: [S-R] Digest Number 1500 - Last Name Vrba

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  • Frank
    ... came ... name ... Nearest ... and her ... was ... Gary, S^arlusky was known by many names : Saluska Scharluschka (G) Ssarlucky Sssarlusska Sarlóska
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      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, gary.gaba@f... wrote:
      > Thank you Frank!
      > I appreciate the help from you and everyone else.
      > In mentioning the names of the town from which both Josef and Anna
      > from, you refer to it as S^arlusky and then S^arluzy. Are these two
      > derivations of the same town? Is one or the other correct?
      > Another thing that puzzles me is that Anna's Manifest shows the
      > Relative" as her Father - Lavko, Alois . Now she was 66 years old
      and her
      > maiden name was Miklovic. Makes no sense! Unless - could that be
      > reference to a priest??
      > Does anyone know where were these Manifests created? At the time of
      > Sailing or at the time of Arrival?
      > By the way, regarding SS France - according to Ellis Island, there
      > another built in 1912 and scrapped in 1934.
      > Thanks Again,
      > Gary


      S^arlusky was known by many names :
      Scharluschka (G)
      now called Luz^ianky and located 2 miles NW of Nitra.

      The Slovakia telephone directory lists under Nitra (town)

      6 surname Miklovic^
      1 surnames Vrba
      10 surnames Bulla rather than the misspelled Bull.
      I may have mentioned earlier that Nitranska Blatnica (Sk)
      was located close to Rados^ina.

      EIR list 1646 surnames Bull.
      In 1902 a Joseph Bull. , age 27, married, Hungarian, had emigrated to
      His Last Residence was listed as Vyitra Sarto (which actually was
      Nyitrasarfo" (H) Nitranska Blatnica (Sk) located about 2 miles from
      Rados^ina and 17 miles distant from Nitra.

      EIR list 138 surnames Bulla.
      However, when a Slavic surname ends in a vowel it gets combined
      with similar Romance language surnames (i.e., Spanish, French,
      Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian)
      Most of the Bulla surname bearers in EIR were from Italy.
      Bulla and Bullova'(fem. gender) are Slovak surnames.

      Since your surnames were born in Rados^ina you really want the
      parish church records for Rados^ina rather than those for Luz^ianky.
      R.C. parish church records 1765-1895.
      The LDS-Mormons don't appear to have filmed them as yet.

      Slovakia is really not wine county.
      However, the town arms for Rados^ina bear a cluster of white
      grapes with a chopping blade on the right and both on a green shield.
      Rados^ina was known for a type of Sauvignon wine.
      Sauvignon Blanc is a popular wine produced by vintners in USA and

      Frank K
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