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    In a message dated 1/27/0 9:42:06 PM, jhender3@rochester.rr.com writes:
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      In a message dated 1/27/0 9:42:06 PM, jhender3@... writes:

      << I looked at the listing and Zavada
      in Zemplen and Zavadka in Saros. Never knew there were others. Is there
      one in Spis Co.? >>

      Hi Joan - I thought there were just the one each but the Slovak Super atlas
      made me aware of all of them - )This Atlas is 1:100 000 and has so many
      communities that the regular maps don't have tho the 1:500 000 map is
      terrific and has some 1,500 villages & towns listed.)

      What is so confusing - in Spis~, there is one of each! There is a Zavada just
      out side of Levoc~a in Spis~ and a Zavadka near Nalepkovo also in Spis~.

      In doing the Slvoak Pride I noticed that many village names in S~aris~
      also appear in Zempl´┐Żn or Uz~ so the clues on a christening certificate are
      critical - tried to help someone with roots in Jastrabie - there are four
      places in Slovakia with this name. A document from Slovakia had the magic
      S~ar~. on it so we knew it was in S~aris~.

      Also had a terrible time with Hanus~ovce - I thought sure a woman's roots
      were in the Hanus~ovce that everyone knows - when the Mayor never heard of
      her family we looked again and it turns out it was Spis~. Hanusovce - took us
      a long time on that one - but it was all worth it when she found her family

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