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Re: [S-R] LDS Cross Reference fiche

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  • Bill Tarkulich
    Chris I m sincerely excited for you. I ll never forget my first significant discoveries and contacts. Really changes your perspective on the world. Yeah,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2004
      I'm sincerely excited for you. I'll never forget my first significant discoveries and contacts. Really changes your perspective on the world.

      Yeah, this whole thing about including or not the prior message string is difficult. Some people feel just the opposite, they feel it should be included so the context is preserved. I do a little of both. When the string gets too long, I truncate. Where it really gets confusing is where to look for their reply. Some email puts it at the beginning, some at the end and others chose to embed their answers in the middle.

      I am glad you've been benefiting. Peter is really a grand fellow and I'm glad you hooked up with him. He tries to make a living doing this stuff.

      History. Just when I think I understand things, I learn something else that messes it all up. I tried to make a "simple" history timeline and it's already getting too complicated!

      Please keep us posted on your progress. It inspires all of us, new and old alike!

      Have a good holiday,

      > From: "fasola1" <alosaf1@...>
      > Date: 2004/05/28 Fri PM 12:00:51 CDT
      > To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [S-R] LDS Cross Reference fiche
      > Hi Bill,
      > Thanks again for your timely posting about the cross-reference for
      > parish registers. I just made a trip to the local FHC to order the
      > film for the 1869 Hungarian census of Tekovska Nova Ves, about which
      > I recently posted a query. I also want to thank you and others here
      > who answered the query. I just wish I had that fiche number
      > yesterday! ;-) I am sure that TNV has its own parish, and I will look
      > forward to using that resource when I can.
      > I've been enjoying the history thread here too. I knew it was complex
      > and varied, just glad that it was not another "Balkan"-type war when
      > CZ and SK split.
      > One small quibble: I notice that few here trim the thread of posts
      > and responses from their replies. It takes more time to scroll
      > through the "old" part of the thread than it does to actually read
      > the postings. ;-)
      > In spite of that, I really do enjoy this list. And I did make contact
      > with a possible relative in TNV through a posting on the Slovak
      > Document Store forum, and with the assistance of Peter Nagy, received
      > a letter translated into Slovak in one day's time. I am closer to my
      > Slovak roots now than I have ever been. You and others have been
      > crucial to this forward momentum, and I am grateful.
      > Keep up the great work.
      > Cordially,
      > Chris Sepic
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