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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    May 2, 2004
      Dear Ray,
      When I started learning spanish the first thing my friend warned me about was "Tengo calor" :-)
      Thank you,

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      You have some good dictionnaries. But you see, a machine can not always find
      the right word for certain situation
      Vladimir's words are so true. One can have limited success with an
      English/Slovak dictionary, as well as an English/Slovak or Slovak/English machine
      translation site. Machines can get some things right, but just as often get it
      wrong because it does not have the ability to reason, to understand the intent of
      the words to be translated.

      My wife and I retired to deep south Texas, along the Mexican border, and are
      trying to learn Spanish. We have all kinds of dictionaries, translation
      sites, and other learning materials. We are learning that you can translate an
      English word into Spanish, but it isn't necessarily a word that is used in
      Spanish, and of course the Spanish language varies throughout the countries of North
      and South America, as well with countries like Spain, Puerto Rico, etc.

      You need to learn the culture of a country or of its diverse people to learn
      the language. The way things are said in English do not necessarily translate
      into a foreign language and vice versa. But one could make themselves
      understood in instances. For example, in English we say "I'm hungry." In Spanish
      they say "I have hunger." We say "How old are you" and they say "How many
      years do you have." If it's hot out and we say "I'm hot," they say "Tengo calor"
      which means "I have heat," but if you say "estoy caliente" which also
      translates to "I'm hot," however, it's meaning is entirely different. It means "I'm
      hot" as a person, not because of the temperature. As a result, one can mean to
      say one thing but it can turn out to be something entirely different.

      The bottom line is learning the culture, how people speak, plus utilizing all
      available learning tools. Much better understanding and translations will be
      the result.


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