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975Re: Permanent Films

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  • Maura Petzolt
    Jan 23, 2000
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      Another follow up on this.... as a volunteer at my FHC I have seen the
      memos on this, and SLC is NOT asking any FHC to discontinue the process
      of allowing permanent films. They were asking that films not used for a
      length of time be returned to SLC ( as due to the boom in genealogy they
      are not making multiple copies of films anymore in case someone orders a
      copy, when a little used film is ordered they will just wait for a copy
      already made to be sent back or make a copy from the master.... one
      reason it is taking longer to get films from SLC lately).

      It is up to each FHC to set it's policies, but nowhere is it said by SLC
      to discontinue permanent loans. I have a friend in Atlanta who nicely
      fought them on this when they "were not going to allow permanent loans
      anymore", and got SLC to tell them that Atlanta could NOT prevent a
      patron from keeping a film on permanent loan.

      If you know of anyone who is having this problem at their FHC, they need
      to write a letter to the Director of that FHC and copy it to the stake
      president of the ward that houses the FHC. Tell them SLC does indeed
      still allow permanent loans, and that they would like reconsideration of
      this. If need be, there is an 800 number to SLC that anyone can call,
      and they can talk to someone there about it , which is what my friend in
      Atlanta had to do.

      But be nice about it, the FHC just may have misunderstood the memo.

      Maura Petzolt Mobile Alabama USA
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