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  • Frank
    Apr 1, 2004
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "greta6615202" <greta66@c...> wrote:
      > Hello to all new members! I am pretty new myself! My name is
      > Gretchen and I have been trying to research my father's family,
      > Hirjak. My grandfather, Gyurka Hirjak ("George") came to Western
      > Pennsylvania, USA aound 1902 with his mother, Anna Danyo Hirjak. My
      > great-grandfather, Janos Hirjak, was already here, working in the
      > steel mill in Butler, Pennsylvania. They apparently came from the
      > area in Zemplin then known as Nagykemencze, now known as Kamencze nad
      > Cirochou. I am trying to find out about other family members still
      > in Kamencze, where the family came from, further back the family line
      > as far as I can go and whether or not Gyurka had any siblings. My
      > grandmother, Julia, whom Gyruka married in 1922 in the USA, is part
      > of the Zavacky family from around the same area. I would also like
      > to know more about them. Other family names are Warhola and
      > Janesco. My grandmother Julia Zavacky is apparantly a cousin to the
      > Warhola family from which the artist Andy Warhol comes. Good luck to
      > everyone in their searches! I really don't have much information but
      > will help anyone as much as I can.
      > Gretchen

      ahoj Gretchen,

      Just by coincidence have just been reading about artist Andy Warhol.
      Were any of your surnames Greek Catholic religion ?

      And were surnames Carpatho-Rusyn (Ruthenian) ethnicity ?
      Ruthenian/Rusnak/Carpatho-Rusyns tend to be Greek Catholic religion.
      Rusyns speak 'po nashemu'; their language is similar to Ukrainian
      and also uses the Cyrillic alphabet, but the Latin alphabet has also
      been used, especially in Slovakia.

      How are you ?

      Hogy Van ? Hungarian (Non-Slavic)

      Ako sa más^ ? Slovak

      R K C || P A B |/| ? Ukrainian (Cyrillic)
      (yah k s p r á v ee )

      Ukrainian has a H sound/letter, but no hard G.

      After the fall of Communism in Slovakia, many Carpatho-Rusyns
      chose to identify as Slovaks rather than as Ukrainians.

      The actor Tom Selleck and American artist Andy Warhol were of
      Rusyn ethnicity.
      The former American actor Robert Urich was half-Ruthenian, half-Slovak.

      The LDS-Mormons have filmed both the R.C. parish church (1805-1925)
      and the G.C. parish church records (1768-1907) for Kamenica nad
      Cirochou (Humenné)

      You will find 11 surnames Hirják and 3 surnames Závacky' listed under
      Humenné in Slovakia telephone directory.

      Frank K
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