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9635Re: Sec^ovce or Socovce, Slovakia ?

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  • Frank
    Mar 31, 2004
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      LUDMILA f Russian, Czech
      Means "favour of the people" from the Slavic elements lud "people" and mil =

      "favour, grace". Saint Ludmila was a 10th-century princess from Bohemia,
      the grandmother of Saint Wenceslas. This was also the name of character in =

      Aleksandr Pushkin's poem 'Ruslan and Ludmila'.

      What was your grandparent's religious affiliation ?
      What was your GM's given name ?

      So your grandfather Ports^ik was from Bánová and your grandmother Palko was=
      either Sec^ovce located near Trebis^ov in eastern Slovakia and 137 miles di=
      stant from
      Bánová or Socovce located 18 miles distant from Bánová ?

      Frank Kurcina