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9471RE: [S-R] Words of Encouragement for those who hit the "Brick Wall"

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  • Jackie and Mike Kadlec
    Mar 13, 2004
      Elizabeth, you are a true angel! Thank you so very much for this, I can't
      express my appreciation enough! You did so much, I can't thank you enough!
      Thank you, thank you thank you!


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      I have not found much, but here it is:

      1910 Census Roll 1802 Book 2, page 43b 10th ward, Milwaukee

      Kedlac, Simon, b. Dec 1849 Bohemia, married 25 years, emigrated 1893
      Maria, b. Dec 1852, Bohemia, em. 1893
      Joseph, b. Oct 1881, born Bohemia, em. 1893
      Frank, May 1899, b. Wisconsin

      1910 roll 1723, Book 1, page 98 3rd ward, Milwaukee

      Kedlac, Simon, naturalized citizen

      Ellis Island

      Kedlac ??? married female, age 37,
      Kedlac, Josef, age 11
      Maria, age 5

      Ethnicity - Bohemia
      Arrival - 31 Dec. 1894
      Ship Wittekind
      Departure - Bremen, Germany

      This is probably them. I didn't find Simon, but his name may have been
      misspelled. I would suggest that your next step would be to look for the
      Declaration of Intent or Naturalization record for Simon (or Joseph, if he
      was not a
      minor child) which should be located either in the county courthouse or the
      state archives. He could not have become a citizen until he had been here 5

      years, so your search would be narrowed to between 1898, when he would have
      eligible, and 1910, when he was a citizen. I could not read the notation
      citizenship in the 1900 census.

      Good luck


      P.S. I found a Simon Kedlac on the World Family Tree who appears to be
      and I can get a contact name from Genealogy, unless it was you who put him
      there, in which case I won't bother. It showed Simon's parents and Joseph
      Magdelina. No accurate information regarding dates.

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