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9454RE: [S-R] Words of Encouragement for those who hit the "Brick Wall"

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  • Jackie and Mike Kadlec
    Mar 11, 2004
      Hi Elizabeth. I know that my husband's great-great-great-grandfather's name
      was Simon (or Siman) Kadlec. He was born in 1849 in Bohemia, but there is
      some difficulty in finding what country they came from. He was married to
      Mary and they eventually settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I know that they
      were buried in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Milwaukee, but that is all I know.
      So, I don't have a whole lot of information to go with here. ANY help would
      be greatly appreciated however! :-) Thank you in advance!


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      I would suggest that you try to find the Declaration of Intent, filed in the

      county courthouse of residence at the time of application for citizenship.
      frequently contains a great deal of useful information. Do you know what
      year they came? That can have a great bearing on where the ship information

      might be found. If they are on the 1920 census, the year of immigration
      should be
      listed, as well as whether or not they have become citizens. Sometimes, the

      Declarations of Intent are also contained in the State Archives. If you can

      provide some more specific information, such as full names, ages, place of
      residence, etc, I would be happy to poke around some.


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