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9423Starting a web page on villages btw. Svidnik and Dukla Pass

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  • Richard D. Custer
    Feb 28, 2004
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      Today I set up a web page for what will eventually become a detailed website
      of information on the Rusyn villages & people of the region under Dukla -
      from Svidnik to the Dukla Pass (& beyond). I don't anticipate having too
      much time to work on it until later this year, but I figure there is a lot
      of information out there that I hope will eventually find its way to me, if
      I let people know where to bring it!


      The villages that will be covered are,

      in Slovakia:

      Vysny Komarnik
      Nizny Komarnik
      Krajna Polana
      Krajna Bystra
      Krajna Porubka
      Krajne Cierno

      and in Poland:


      These villages were chosen not arbitrarily because of geography, but because
      they had a good amount of intermarriage between them and because they chain
      migrated together to the USA. I might be convinced to add a few more, but I
      figure the above is *plenty* to start with. The site will have photos,
      village histories, family/genealogical information, cultural traditions,
      etc. I feel this is particularly important for this region because some of
      the smallest villages (in terms of population) in all of Slovakia are in
      this region, and economically the region is doing rather poorly. Many of
      these villages will not survive another 10-20 years.

      Rich Custer