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93Re: Surname: CERNY - Bohemia, Czechoslovakia

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  • Maura Petzolt
    Jul 1, 1999
      Hello Rosemary,

      Do you do any research at your local Family History Center? That is the
      place you would need to go to order microfilms of US census and other
      films to document your family.

      Posting messages on boards and lists are a great help, and many times a
      connection can be made, however, if at all possible everyone should
      research at the FHC.

      You need to start with the death certificate of that person, then go to
      the 1920 US census, or that last available census for that person's life
      (some counties in NY for example have a 1925 census). Then you trace
      them backwards until their birth.

      The Czech Republic has not allowed the LDS church to microfilm their
      records, so you would have to request a search of their archives through
      them. In my experience, this takes a long time, but it is worth it.
      However, you must do your work in the US on the person first.

      You can get many hints and explanation on my Helpful Hints website, url

      Hope this helps you some....

      Maura Petzolt Mobile Alabama USA
      Helpful Hints for Successful Searching
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