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9012My Slovak Roots

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  • Mary
    Jan 22, 2004
      I am a new member. I am tring to find my paternal Grandmother's
      family. Her name was Mary (Mariy) SUPALEK. She was born June 6, 1875,
      in Moravia, Czechoslovakia. As far as I know she came to North
      America in her mid to late teens. I have no idea where or when she
      entered. She married Ignace J Januba in 1899 in Kenora, Ontario. I
      have no living relatives on this side of the family that I am aware
      of. I have tried the usual things to look at; tax, land and census
      records. I have found a man in the Czech Air Force with the same
      name. I have sent him an email and am waiting to hear back. Is there
      anyone in the group that can help me?
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