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  • slovakpride
    Jan 13, 2004
      Thanks for your question. I am looking for any information about her
      or her family. My Mom really wants to know more about her Mother (who
      died when she was two). We really don't know much. I know that she was
      born in Slovakia around 1900 and immigrated in the early 1900's. We
      would love to find out her birth date, birth place, etc. We know that
      she immigrated with her father, Jozef, and her sister, Mary (Maria).
      Her mother and brothers stayed behind in Slovakia and never
      immigrated. Her sister, Mary, lived in Wilkesbarre and married a
      Petrik. That's about all we know. I don't know how common the name
      "Dvorsky" is in Slovakia- but I do believe my Mom would have first
      cousins there (if they are still living). I appreciate your response.


      RE: Anna Dvorsky, Jozef Dvorsky, Mary (Maria) Dvorsky Petrik
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