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8841Re: [S-R] terms for family members

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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    Dec 5, 2003
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      Dear Joe,
      Svagor is the brother of my wife.
      Svokor and svokra are her parents.
      We had a joke:
      Show a photo of your svokra in a drug store and you can get any poison
      without prescription.
      They are very understandable people:-)

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      > Kinship terms are really complicated! The old Slavs seemed to
      > have a separate word for every sort of relationship; and the old
      > terms along with imports from German and Hungarian are often used
      > in different ways in different parts of the country.
      > Unfortunately, s~vagor can be either: father-in-law or
      > brother-in-law, depending on local usage. For father-in-law, it
      > traditionally refers to the wife's parents, though it wouldn't be
      > surprising if it were used for the husband's father too
      > somewhere.
      > Tyotka/tetka/tsetka and variations are general terms for aunt.
      > Traditionally, terms based on stri-/stry- refer to uncles and
      > aunts on your father's side, while those with vuj-/uj- refer to
      > uncles and aunts on your mother's side.
      > So striko and strina would be uncle and aunt respectively on the
      > father's side, while vuyko and vuyna would be the same on the
      > mother's side.
      > Joe
      > > Does anyone know the precise relationship for "sovgor" (shovgor)? Based
      > > on some old photos and letters I had thoght "sovgor" meant
      > > brother-in-law, but recently some Russian exchange students told me
      > > "sovgor" was father-in-law.
      > >
      > > Recently someone had wrote about the terms used for various family
      > > members; in letters from Uzhgorod to my grandmother her neices who grew
      > > up in the Austro-Hungarian and Czechoslovak periods addressed her as
      > > "Tyutka" - but their children who grew up in USSR after WWII addressed
      > > my grandparents as "Strika i Strina". My grandmother sometimes used a
      > > word which sounded to me like "way-ka" for "uncle".
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