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  • jjeanann2000
    Dec 1, 2003
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      hi it has been hard getting information from my mother because she
      has altimierze disease. tonight i was talking to her and she said
      when she was growing up they spoke german in the house. my
      grandmother spoke little english up until she died. but when my
      grandparents had company they would speak slovaic, excuse the
      spelling, so the kids, my mom, would not understand them. i also
      found out my grandmother was born in yugoslavia and grew up in
      austria. so my question is how would you spell yellenburger or
      yellenbergr in those countries. you once told me how to spell it in
      german and hungary. they talked about stuff that happened, like they
      were from that town. they called it meattraveltz would that be
      mitrovica? thanks for your help. jeanann
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