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880Re: Counties in Slovakia

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  • Andrea Vangor
    Jan 5, 2000
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      Are the Library of Congress maps still coming? I thought they had run out.
      Nonetheless, I did receive some, and they are great -- but none shows the
      old county lines. There are some web pages that show the old counties of
      Hungary altogether, and another one that shows details of each county, for
      example broken down into subdivisions, with many small towns and villages.
      You need to remember that the place names will all be in Hungarian too,

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      > In a message dated 01/05/2000 2:22:38 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      > mmarkotan@... writes:
      > > I am looking for a map of Slovakia that shows the break down of the
      > counties.
      > > I have 3 different maps and non of them show the counties. I have an
      > > excellent road map from EuroTravel that I use, but it doesn't have the
      > break
      > > down of counties either. I am looking for the county which Rimavska
      > > is located in which is about 110-120 miles east of Bratislava. My
      > husband's
      > > ancestor's came from a small town a few miles from there. My husband
      has a
      > > great uncle still living who was born there, but even he can't tell me
      > > county name.
      > >
      > > Any help would be appreciated.
      > > Thanks
      > > Marlene Markotan
      > > Morgantown, PA
      > Ahoj, Marlene, try putting the town name in at this search page it will
      > you where and make a map too..........
      > <A HREF="http://www.jewishgen.org/shtetlseeker/loctown.htm">JewishGen
      > ShtetlSeeker - Town Search</A>
      > also you can order maps from the Library of Congress.........
      > >>The following appeared in the 23 August 1998 issue of the Eastern
      > Catholic Life newspaper.(Quoted in its entirety)
      > "Historical Maps Available for Family Genealogists
      > This letter is sent in order to inform you that we have Austria-
      > Hungary and other maps showing villages in Central and Eastern
      > Europe, including the area of Pod-Karpatska Rus that the ancestors
      > of many of us once inhabited. Copies are available to the public
      > either free of charge or at a nominal cost. This should be of special
      > interest to your readers who are doing genealogical research.
      > Those interested are urged to write or e-mail including the
      > names of the villages from which their ancestors emigrated. Any
      > accompanying information, such as what country the village
      > presently lies in, would also be helpful. We will then do our best
      > to provide copies of maps to them.
      > Mailing address:
      > Geography and Map Division
      > Library of Congress
      > Washington, DC 20540
      > Attn: Dr. Stephen Paczolt
      > Sincerely yours,
      > Dr. Stephen Paczolt
      > Sr. Technical Information Specialist
      > e-mail address: maps@...<<
      > This is free..takes about 3 weeks to get......These are CIA Maps..give
      > the names of the Villages you are researching they will mark them on the
      > in different time frames.........
      > Cathy
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