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  • Ron Matviyak
    Jan 3, 2000
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      Yes, Kassa (H), Kassau (G), and Kosice (SK) are all the same city. Now
      I avoided speculating until now, but if this could be German, then
      "kassa, kassa'n" takes on the meaning of cash, cashier, maybe account,
      depending on context. Is there another word in connection with this? I
      don't want to inject a German meaning into every word that could be
      related, but sometimes . . .

      to the success..
      PS. Just recieved an envelope of old family relatives from an 89 year
      old cousin or near cousin. I never saw my dad so early on, and have a
      great photo of an aunt and uncle in Europe I have come to know over the
      last 29 years. THere are other good ones, some people that I should
      know and others to puzzle over! It doesn't get much better!

      Maura Petzolt wrote:
      > From: sabinov@... (Maura Petzolt)
      > No, I'm saying "kassa'n" could be Kassa, which is Kassau, which is now
      > (I believe) Kosice.
      > Could be the person died there and it was noted in the register as they
      > were buried there in the village?
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