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  • Andrea Vangor
    Jan 1, 2000
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      Thanks, Maura. Are you saying that "kassa" refers to the child of unwed
      parents? The word here is "kassa'n" with an accent over the second a. I
      have not cross-checked with marriage records yet.

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      > From: sabinov@... (Maura Petzolt)
      > Hi Andrea,
      > What you are describing is a very common practice in the RCatholic
      > registers I've read for both Sabinov (from late 1600's to 1895) and
      > Zboro. I think it's probably pretty common in general, as it's also been
      > that way in Lutheran registers I've read from Berlin.
      > Mostly I've seen it for young children who died fairly soon after birth,
      > where they would register the death there also (sometimes also noting it
      > in the regular death register, sometimes not as I checked quite a few of
      > them out when finding children in my line I did not know of who died
      > young). However, I also have seen it for older people, but not as
      > commonly.
      > I've also seen confirmations and moving out of the village noted in the
      > column for "observations". Also later marriages of an mother who had an
      > illegitimate child.
      > "kassa" is the word often used in that context, tho it is not in my
      > Hungarian word book either. Could it be Kassa, isn't that the name for
      > Kassau (spelling may be wrong)? I've seen that on the back of many
      > photographs of my family, where the portrait studio was they used.
      > "okan" is not in it , but "oka" is and it means "cause of".
      > Happy 2000,
      > Maura
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