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  • nhasior@aol.com
    Oct 6, 2003
      Dear Marilyn,
      I found the series of books by Henryk K. Sienkiewicz to be highly useful to
      learn how Poland evolved and prospered during the 1600's. I started with Fire
      in the Steppe. A little out of order chronologically, but a great start. He
      wrote historical fiction.
      Then, there is a hard to get book called Brotherhood of Silence by Stefan
      Ilok which is a wonderful resource for how Slovakia managed during World War II.
      You can go to the local library and request that they send for some of the
      hard to get books from another library
      But, my own personal experience in starting to learn about these two
      countries was with maps. i just could not get enough maps to study. New York City
      Public library has a Map Division so once a month, i would take the hour's ride
      by train into the city and spend the day with maps. they have 1918 maps
      which show the exact way the European countries looked about the time our
      ancestors came to the States. They were compiled by Blackie of London.
      There was something about studying maps that just made me look deeper and
      deeper into the countries.

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