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8550Re: Surnames Wangel and Bugel

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  • Frank
    Oct 1, 2003
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, "Leandro" <leandrovangel@c...>
      > Dear List,
      > My name is Leandro and I am writing from Argentina.
      Thanks to this list now I know the exact place where my grandfather
      was born. His name was Stefan Wangel and came to Argentina around 1914
      from ´SZLANICZA`(H) or ´SLANICA`(SK).
      > A weeks ago someone in this newsgroup told me about
      ellisisland.org. Surfing there I found some Wangel that arrived in the
      USA from SZLANICZA (H) or SLANICA (SK) too. They manifested to travel
      with destination to Illinois.
      > Too I`ve found some letters that belonged my
      grandfather. Some of them came, in the 1920s and 1930s from Slovakia
      and the others came from Illinois and Wisconsin. The senders were
      people of surnames Wangel and Bugel. Now I know that he had relatives
      in the USA too and I´d like to find their descendants.
      > Searching on internet I found some Wangel in Illinois,
      in a web site called ´US SEARCH`, but I didn´t get their addresses
      because previously I have to pay for that. Now I´d like to know, How
      can I get their addresses freely?.
      > Does anybody in this list know some Wangel or Bugel in
      Wisconsin or Illinois?. Thanks very much.
      > Leandro

      In 1903, a Andras (H) (Andrew) Bugel, age 41, married, Slovak,
      emigrated to the USA.
      He went to a friend's address in Chicago IL.
      Andras had been in Chicago IL before (1899/1901)

      In 1904, a Rozalia Bugel, age 42, married, Slovak, and her
      daughter also named Rozalia, age 3, had emigrated to USA.
      They went to address of Rozalia's husband Andro ? Bugel in Chicago.
      Expect this was the same person as the Andras Bugel above.

      Ondro can be a shortened form of name Andrew (Andrej/Ondrej in Slovak)
      (nickname Andy (E)

      Yes. Am familiar with 'US SEARCH PAY'.
      Telephone directory listings on the Internet used to be free.
      As more directory services become commercial the remaining free
      telephone directory computer 'servers' become overloaded with traffic
      and are always 'busy' depending on person's time zone.

      Based of SSDI there appear to have been more surnames Bugel in
      Pennsylvania and NY and few in Illinois.

      Frank K

      Your GF's letters were written in what language(s)
      Slovak, Spanish, other ?
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