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    Jan 1, 2000
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      Hi Andrea,

      What you are describing is a very common practice in the RCatholic
      registers I've read for both Sabinov (from late 1600's to 1895) and
      Zboro. I think it's probably pretty common in general, as it's also been
      that way in Lutheran registers I've read from Berlin.

      Mostly I've seen it for young children who died fairly soon after birth,
      where they would register the death there also (sometimes also noting it
      in the regular death register, sometimes not as I checked quite a few of
      them out when finding children in my line I did not know of who died
      young). However, I also have seen it for older people, but not as

      I've also seen confirmations and moving out of the village noted in the
      column for "observations". Also later marriages of an mother who had an
      illegitimate child.

      "kassa" is the word often used in that context, tho it is not in my
      Hungarian word book either. Could it be Kassa, isn't that the name for
      Kassau (spelling may be wrong)? I've seen that on the back of many
      photographs of my family, where the portrait studio was they used.

      "okan" is not in it , but "oka" is and it means "cause of".

      Happy 2000,


      Maura Petzolt Mobile Alabama USA
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