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  • Frank
    Sep 2, 2003
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      > > > I am a new member and this is my first post.
      > > > This summer my wife and I vacationed in Germany and Austria.
      > When
      > > we
      > > > returned home we were told that we were near the birth place of
      > my
      > > > grandparents. We were in Saltzburg and Vienna.
      > > > My fathers birth certificate states that my grandparents were
      > born
      > > in
      > > > Spis, Austria. My grandfather was born ins 1874. Where is Spis
      > in
      > > > relation to Salzburg and Vienna.
      > > > Thank you. Frank Krizner.
      > >
      > > Frank to Frank
      > >
      > > There is a Spiess, Austria, but it is located 170 kms. from
      > > Salzburg and 422 kms. from Wien.
      > >
      > > So your Spis and Germany/Austrian query raises an interesting
      > >
      > > The ethnic German population of Slovakia was 148,000 or 5 % of
      > > the total population according to the 1930 census.
      > >
      > > The Zips (Slovak Spis^, Hungarian Szepes) is the best-known German
      > > settlement area in Slovakia. The first German settlers arrived in
      > the
      > > 12th century. Known as Zipser 'Saxons', these early emigrants were
      > > actually from the Lower Rhine region, Flanders, Saxony,
      > > and Silesia.
      > > In the early period, the Zips was a single continuous region
      > > stretching from the northern border with Poland to present-day
      > > Slovak-Hungarian border.
      > > Over time, the Zips divided into two regions, the Upper and
      > > Lower Zips (German Oberzips,Unterzips)
      > >
      > > Nevertheless an interesting region.
      > > Germans, Slovaks, Rusyns, Croatians, Hungarians, and Poles.
      > > Don't know which group settled here first in 12th, 14th, and 16th
      > > centuries.
      > >
      > > BTW
      > > What was your grandfather's first name ?
      > Thank you for the repy. My grand fathers name was John Knizner.
      > The "n" was changed to an "r" here in Pennsylvania. My Grand
      > name was Mary Jakupcak. My maternal grand fathers name was John
      > Kieffer. And my Maternal grand mothers name was Sanko. Thanks for
      > your reply. Frank Krizner.

      ahoj Frank,

      What you wrote above was very valuable and quite interesting.

      In 1902, a János * Knizner, age 28 (b. abt. 1874), Slovak,
      single, emigrated via port of Bremen, Germany from
      Igló (H) which was called Spis^ská Nová Ves in Slovak and
      Zipser Neudorf in German.

      * John
      János (H)
      Jan (Sk)
      Johann (G)

      Where in PA ?
      Janos seems to have gone to Olyphant Lackawanna CO in NE PA.
      Olyphant was being discussed recently at Slovak-Roots.

      Don't know about your grandmother Mary Jakupcak ?
      But, in 1923, a mother (Anna, age 23) and her daughter (Marie, age 2)
      surnamed Jakubcak emigrated to the U.S.
      They were both born in Vikartovce (Sk) Hernádfo" (H) which is
      located 18 miles from Spis^ská Nová Ves and 14 miles from
      Poprad which was called Deutschendorf in German.

      In 1899, another Janos Knizner, age 35 (b. abt. 1864) emigrated
      also via port of Bremen, Germany from Felso"erdo"falva (H) which is
      Stará Lesná (Sk) and located 17 miles distant from Spis^ská Nová Ves.
      He went to his brother (unreadable given name) Knizner in Philadelphia

      All places named above were located in Szepes/Spis'/Zips.

      Think you have a case for your surname bearers Knizner and Jakubcak
      being from Spis' aka Zips, Slovakia.

      Jakubcak is probably a surname derived from the given name Jacob.
      Jakub (Sk) Jakab (H)
      The Poles derived 120 different surnames from their first name
      Jan (John) just by changing the surname affixes.

      The other Frank K :-)
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