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  • VivHy@aol.com
    Sep 1, 2003
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      I have an ancestor who immigrated from Kosice, Slovakia to New York in 1888.
      On his application for citizenship he stated that he arrived in New York on
      30-Nov-1888. Where would I find immigration records for that day.I have searched
      some manifests...but am coming up void....were there other areas of
      debarkation besides New York City in the state of New York? How complete are the
      records for that period? My main research support has been the FHC. Maybe I just
      have someone who is not that versed in finding anyone in immigration. I thought
      maybe to reverse the process and check records for his embarkation in
      Europe....which brings me to my next question...if, in 1888, one was leaving Kosice to
      come to America...what port was standard for that trip?

      I have good before immigration records and good after immigration
      records....but NO immigration records.

      I am open to any and all suggestions. Not asking anyone to do the
      lookups...just aim me to where records may possibly exist. Need some imput or speculation
      from anyone....He may have made the boat in 1888 but it is 2003 and for some
      reason I am still "missing the boat". LOL


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