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7764Re: [S-R] town names

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  • John M,
    Jul 20, 2003
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      At 09:21 PM 7/19/2003 -0400, you wrote:
      >Hello Joe:
      >Thank you for responding. Was Przysietnica ever part of Hungary/Austria,
      >as that is what was on their wedding certificate as place of birth. And as
      >far as the Kannien, Galacia, was reaching - was on a passenger list for
      >fathers home address... and was same name as my ancestor, just trying to
      >fit pieces together. Have very little to go on. Thought if it was
      >located nearby Przysietnica, may be a relation.
      >Thanks rs

      Based on Joe's answer, the villages are in southeast Poland now, which was
      Galicia until 1918. Galicia was ruled by Austria, which was part of the
      dual kingdom of Austria-Hungary. Therefore the answer would be yes.

      John M

      > I think the 1st and 3rd are the same place: Przysietnica in
      > Galicia. There are at least two: one east of Krosno and one
      > south of Nowy Sacz, both in southeast Poland. Kannien looks like
      > it was read wrong from something else, maybe Kamienna or
      > something similar. There are scads of places with similar names,
      > as the root is "kamien", meaning a rock or stone. Do you have
      > the name as originally written you could post or send?
      > Joe
      > > could someone please tell me where these towns are located near, if
      > > they still are same names: Pozyticlnice,Galacia and Kannien,Galacia
      > > and Przysietnica,Galacia? Thank you for any help. rs
      > >
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