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  • Bill Tarkulich
    Jul 3, 2003
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      Data from 1910 Census for you:
      The actual spelling is:
      Population 496, 6 Magyar, 12 German, 478 Ruthenian; 483 Greek Catholic,
      13 Jew
      Greek Catholic Church Founded in 1770, only a portion of original
      structure remains.
      There is also a newly built Orthodox church.

      Egreshat = Vulsinki = Vishany (Ukraine)
      Pop 624: 3 Magyar, 621 Ruthenian; 604 Greek Catholic, 20 Jew
      Greek Church founded in 1751.

      I have some 1998 pictures of the church and text in Ukrainian (from a
      book) that I can scan and send you of the two churches. It's up to you
      to get it translated, though I have some references.

      Bill Tarkulich

      On the 1910 map of Ung megye I can see Egreshat
      (Vulsinki/Vilshynky) and right next to it, in Hungarian, what looks like

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      My grandfather's name was Fedor (Frank) Hanich, born in 1887.
      Last year my only surviving uncle sent me some documents my uncles had
      kept all these years, including my grandfather's birth/baptism
      certificate. There were also a lot of legal papers which I am still
      attempting to translate, but have made some progress. They were legal
      records of transfering property to my great-grandfather, Michail Salapka
      Hanich and to Janos Salapka Hanich in the 1880s, and again when he died
      in1902 and the inheritance passed to my grandfather and his 6 siblings:
      Constantin, Elek, Gyorgy, Andras, Julia, and Vaszily. Also when my
      grandfather sold his part back to his brothers who remained in Europe,
      at 800 korunas (for which I have no idea of the value.)
      My uncle is amazed at the progress I've made in the past year.
      I was able to find the ships my grandparents arrived on, and the dates.
      >From my grandparents' marriage license I deciphered the names of both
      their parents. They were married in Perth Amboy, NJ in 1913; my
      grandmother was from Saris, but my paternal great grandparents were
      named Michail Salapka Hanich and Anna Szabo. My maternal
      great-grandparents were Janos Kravcik and Maria Surin. (I think I've
      mixed up the Hungarian, Slovak and English spellings of names throughout
      all this, but it gets tiresome with 3 versions to deal with, doesn't
      On the 1910 map of Ung megye I can see Egreshat
      (Vulsinki/Vilshynky) and right next to it, in Hungarian, what looks like
      Szemereho. It's at http://lazarus.elte.hu/hun/maps/1910/gonczy/ung.htm.

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