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  • Frank
    Jul 1, 2003
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      So Rusyn surnames vary widely, some common endings are -cak, -cik,
      -jak, -njak, and -ak.

      Nová Sedlica (Sk)
      Novoselyca (Rusyn)
      U'jszék (H)

      Zboj (Sk)
      Zbuj (Rusyn)
      Harczos (H)

      LDS filmed the G.C. parish church records (1787-1878) which
      are listed for both villages under Zboj.
      Text in Latin, Hungarian, and Church Slavonic.

      film #

      And from Zboj were

      Mihály (H) Michael Tarkulics, age 24, emigrated in 1903 to his brother
      Vaszil Tarkulics in Dunmore PA.
      Perhaps his given name was Vasyl' (Wasil, Vasko, Wash)

      Milós (H) Nicholas Tarkulics, age 25, and Péter Tarkulics, age 16,
      emigrated in 1904 to brother Mihály Tackulics in Corning NY.
      And Vaszil Tarkulics , age 25, emigrated in 1901 to Scranton PA.

      Frank Kurc^ina
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