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  • Frank
    Jun 12 7:44 AM
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, roberta kostka <berta54758@y...>
      > Hi - I am new to this so please bear with me. We have an ancestor
      who has been very elusive. CHARLES LAKATOS was the name he used in
      the United States most of the time. We also have for a first name
      VASIL, VASILY, WASELY, and WASEL. For last name we have even more
      > He was supposedly born in Leskovitza or Deskovitza, Austria Hungary
      or as he put on his passport, Czecho Slovakia. We also have two
      different birthdates, 5-29-1887 and 2-7-1886.

      Ellis Island Records (EIR) list 819 surnames Lakatos who
      emigrated to the U.S. 1892-1924.

      Some Lakatos surname bearers were from Hungary proper and some were
      from Upper-Hungary (Slovakia)

      Charles (E)
      Karel (Cz)
      Karl, Carl (G)
      Károly (H)
      Karol/Karlik (Sk)

      Would guess if he were a Slovak from circa 1903 Hungary,
      Leskovitza (misspelled) was Lasztocz/Lasztóc (H), now Lastovice
      (Sk) located SW of Trebis^ov, Slovakia and near old Hungarian
      pre-WW I Zemplén megye (county)
      Part of this megye remained in Hungary while part went to

      The Slovakia telephone directory list 1 surname Lakatos^ under

      > He apparently came to the United States via Halifax, Novia Scotia
      around 1903. I am trying to find passenger lists.

      > He was married to a ANNA RADOCOVSKY and a MARTHA DESKO. Martha was
      supposedly his third cousin from Czechoslovakia who came over to
      Minnesota to marry him. Martha's mother's maiden name was Yencho. I
      have no information on Anna. Anything would be nice.
      > I am looking for the location of this tow.n, Leskovitza or
      Deskovitza We were told it is in the area of the Carpathian
      Mountains, but can't find it on any map.
      > I am also looking for any help in placing him or his wives in the
      Czech. area, along with any family members there or who he was related
      > I know this is alot and if this is to messy to read, I am sorry. I
      am just at a lose for where to look next.
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