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7370Re: [S-R] Re: Hungarian town location?

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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    Jun 7, 2003
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      Dear Pat,
      You must be careful.
      The O I was talking about was hungarian.It means old.
      Now, you talk about a slovak O; upper or lower case, no matter, it means
      Slovak places used to have hungarian names. Even those hungarian names
      varied through time. This is giving a lot of headache to many searchers.
      This is why I recommend to buy the book about those names.

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      > Vladimir: I have been using an online English to Slovak translation
      site - http://www.dcsoft.sk/mac/qdictsearch/index.phtml - in order to send
      an email to
      > a relative in Poprad. The explanation given for the English word "about"
      is shown to be "o" (lower case). Am I interpreting this correctly? Does
      > upper case "O" mean something different, ie. "old"?
      > Thank you for your help.
      > Regards,
      > Pat
      > _______________________
      > Vladimir Bohinc wrote:
      > > Dear Andrea,
      > > You will not believe me, but "O" means Old!!
      > > This O has an accent on it.
      > > Ofalu is Old Village.
      > > Stara Tura for example is O-Tura.
      > > O falu is also Spisska Stara ves. There are several villages with this
      > > I would strongly suggest everyone, that has a kind of continuous
      > > in slovak genealogy, to finally purchase a book called ;"Nazvy obcy
      > > slovenskej republiky" from Milan Majtan. This and a good map are
      > > prerequisites for a genealogy freak. You can order that with Dan Kisha.
      > > You will learn a whole lot about the historical development of the place
      > > names. No excuses for not having it are valid.
      > > And, you don't have to know slovak either.
      > > Vladimir Bohinc
      > >
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