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7344Re: [S-R] Nagybecserek is in the Banat, today Serbia

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  • Thomas Reimer
    Jun 1, 2003
      That would be in the Vojvodina, which today is part of Serbia. Here is a link to a member of the Banat Website, who talks about the local archives

      The area, part of the Banat province, was reconquered from the Turks in the 18th century after a series of harsh wars, and was rather unpopulated after that. And so the kings of Hungary (who also were archdukes of Austria, counts of Tyrol, German emperors, etc--the Habsburgs) settled whoever was willing to come and work very hard. Many settlers were Germans (the Danube Suebians), but others Slovaks, and also Rumanians. Most kept their ethnicity up to World war II. Since it all belonged to one country, moving from today's Slovakia to today's Serbia South was still common in the late 19th century--several of my relatives, who were Lutheran ministers in the poor Zips, were lucky enough to serve for a while in the rich villages of the Banat.

      Hope this helps

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      From: Mary Johnson
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      Subject: [S-R] Hungarian town location?

      Hi, could use some help. on the www.ellisisland.org site, my grandmother and
      5 of her children (my mother included) returned from a trip to Hungary where they had
      visited relatives. Her name was Hrubi, Maria arriving 23 May 1900 and the passenger
      record listed the place of residence as MARTUSTALU in Hungary. I have scoured old
      maps and have not had any luck finding it. My cousin said it is near what was
      called Nagybecskerek now known as Zrenjanin. Any help greatly appreciated.
      Thank you, Maryhelen Johnson

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