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  • Anne Sprentz
    Apr 30, 2003
      I have one other thing I'd like to ask you about and then I'll quit
      pestering you. This ties in with the 'cs' ending making the 'ch' sound in

      I have three versions of this surname on documents, all after she came to
      the states.

      Mary Szedlovics .....written on baptism record of son in 1907
      Mary Helen Szedlovich.....written on sons application for Social Security
      Mary Setlowitz.....written on sons birth record in 1907

      This is the wife of Mihaly Sprencz/Princz. These are the *only* records I
      have with her name on them.
      According to sons baptism record, she was born in 1880 in Ungvar, Ung megye,
      which is now Uzhhorod, Ukraine.

      I'm trying to take into account that even though she was listed as Magyar on
      sons birth record, she may not have actually been Hungarian.

      Have been told that the "sz" is not Hungarian. Know that the 's' in
      Hungarian sounds like "sh'. You mentioned that the "cs' in Hungarian sounds
      like 'ch', but why would a spelling of Szedlovich also be spelled Setlowitz
      This is very confusing for me.

      Could you give me some examples of spelling/sounds of this name that might
      (1) help me to find her or her family name before coming to the states, (on
      ship manifest) and (2) something spelled "americanized" to help me find her
      on census records here in the states. Which spellings would come from which
      ethnicity? I'm starting to think she may have been Lithuanian/Polish from
      all the other spellings I've found.

      She is not on the Ellis Island database. I believe she came through another
      port, but the similiar spellings of Szedlovich that I have found on EI most
      are not Hungarian. Here's what I've found:

      ancestry.com finds

      (2)SEDLEWICZ....born in .Lithuania speaks Lithuanian and b.Russian/Poland
      speaks Polish

      this one has a reference to Jewish Surnames in Russian Empire on
      ancestry.com, but I can't access it
      Also has 1 SSDI entry, no birthplace but last residence Elizabetn,
      Allegheny, PA

      (1)SEDLOWITZ.. B..Poland/Russia speaks Yiddish 1914 ancestry.com
      Ellis Island says he's coming to join his Uncle L SIDLEWICZ
      Ellis Island also says his nationality was Russian but ethnicity was

      (2) ZEDLOVICH... american born, but 2 brothers say parents were born in
      Austria, and parents spoke German
      (5) ZEDLOVICH SSDI entries on ancestry.com... all issued in NY 3 out of 5
      last resided in Queens, NY

      (1)SEDLOVITCH B. Russia/ Speaks Lithuanian

      SEDLEVICH...Born in Russia Speaks Polish

      (2)SEDLEVICK...B Lithuanian/Lithuanian the other one b. Russian speaks


      SZEDLEWICZ...ethnicity Russian/Lithuanian

      SIEDLEWICZOWNA..... ethnicity...Russia/Polish

      SEDLEWICZ... born in Russia Ethnicity...Russia/ Lithuanian

      SZEDROVICS..Ethnicity Hungarian

      SEDEWITZ...Ethnicity Russia/Polish
      SEDLEWICZ...Ethnicity Russia/Lithuanian

      SZE?OWICZ Ethnicity Russian


      I hope I made it understandable of what I'm trying to ask, and I thank you
      for your previous reply to my earlier posts.

      Anne Sprentz

      Do you know who killed my father?
      JOHN SPRENTZ, murdered 1983 in
      Ecorse, Michigan.... see my website for
      further details.
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