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7182Pisarcik/Klimek--b. 1880 Spiske Hanusovce, SLK

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  • Mary Ann E. Hinkle-Ineich
    Apr 16 4:46 PM
      Hello, I'm new to this list and I wanted to introduce myself via my

      My great-grandparents, Jacob PESARIC(orig. PISARCIK, PISARCZYK�depending on
      which records you are looking at !) and Katherine Klimek (mother�s maiden
      name GANCARCIK), came over around 1896-8 to (reportedly)escape the
      increasing Hungarian influence in their village. Their village of origin
      was Spis Hanusfalu, when it was Austro-Hungarian and Spiske Hanusovce when
      it was Slovakian.

      My grandmother--their daughter said they lived in New Jersey for awhile
      because they had family or friends already there. My research shows the
      Boonton area. They, Katherine and Jacob, then went to PA. They, married in
      Ashley, Luzerne Co., PA. in 1902.
      I also know Jacob PISARCIK had several brothers: ( I THINK their parents
      were Andrew and Maria (KROMKA) PISARCIK)

      -Andrew, married to Elizabeth KOSZTKA, (Manager of a steel-mill and had at
      least 5 kids--Andrew, Paul, John--all of them boys, until the last
      -Carl, married Agnes�moved to Akron, Ohio and then California, (changed his
      name to "WRITER") Kids--Carl and Robert Vincent.(Still in CA.)
      -Paul, married Mary PISARCIK(supposedly no relation�but from same village),
      also changed name to WRITER and eventually moved to California. Also
      several kids: Frank, Paul, Robert, Lillian, Olga.

      Jacob, at some point, changed his name to PESARIC�they lived originally in
      East Vandergrift,Westmoreland Co., PA and then moved to Akron, OH. Jacob
      and Katherine had several children John, Jacob, Mary (my grandmother�married
      Stephen Wozniak) and Helen.
      I believe most of the brothers--at some point-- lived in East Vandergrift.

      Katherine Klimek�s parents were Matthew and Sophia (GANCARCIK) KLIMEK.
      She had at least two sisters:
      -Mary, married Anthony �Anton� NAGEL (originally GROSS)�they lived in West
      Cleveland, Ohio and had several children�a daughter Anne married Arthur Fox.
      -Elizabeth married KORKES and they lived in New Jersey�one daughter, Helen,
      married a Maione.
      -There is also believed to be a half-brother�John/Janos/Johann (depends on
      who's in power!) KLIMEK�his mother was Maria BARLYAK and he supposedly came
      to America in 1894-6. It is not known if he went back to Slovakia�he was
      said to have lived in Boonton, New Jersey and he had married a girl Maria
      �from the village just before he left for America.

      Now that I have bored you to tears�does any of this sound familiar to you?
      Tie-in with any family lore? I would love to hear from you.

      I've done alot of work on Ellis Island and census records already and I have
      permanent access to the village church records at my LDS research
      center--which I am deciphering--bit-by-bit!

      Mary Ann Hinkle-Ineich
      "researching":Hinkle/Hinkel, Shideler/Shidler, Flickinger, Piona,
      Pisarcik/Pesaric, Klimek, Gancarcik, and Wozniak

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