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  • John M,
    Mar 29, 2003
      At 08:04 AM 3/29/2003 -0800, you wrote:
      >thanks for the information I will look at it again. I
      >believe that is what has happened with my grandfathers
      >name Kolina as I think we may have found him but it is
      >spelled Kulina.

      If it is the Kulina that arrived in 1902, he was, I believe, from
      Presov. The manifest shows him coming from Efserics but it looks more like
      Eperies which was one of the names for Presov. The name listed for Presov
      for the period 1863-1913 was Eperjes. The two sound quite a bit alike so
      it could have been an error on the part of the clerk that entered it.

      you. I need to get more to know if it is him or not
      >such as his parents names which I was hoping to get
      >but didnt. I have them from his death certificate but
      >really want to know if the ship mainfest with the name
      >kulina is him.

      Does the age come close to what you know of him? The LDS have the
      microfilms for Presov:


      You might be able to find him in the church birth records based on his name
      and age. Do you know what religion he practiced? The manifest indicates
      he was born about 1876. I had a hard time finding my father in the EIDB
      because they transcribed a "c" to an "e" in his surname and my wife's
      grandfather because an "f" was transcribed as an "s". Good luck.

      John M
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