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7104[S-R] Re: surname gender affix -ova

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  • Frank
    Mar 27 6:16 AM
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      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@yahoogroups.com, Marty <halfslovak@y...> wrote:
      > Frank, does the affix kovic denote anything as in my name Jurkovic I
      have always wondered about that. Marty



      George (E)
      Georgius (L)
      Gy├Ârgy, Gyurko (H)
      Juraj, Jurko (Sk)
      Gjuro,D'uro (Cr)

      Jurkovic^ (Jurkovich) would mean 'son of George'.

      Hungarians had a surname ending -ics which was not native to Hungarian
      but a phonetic adaptation i.e. written -ics pron. ick.

      This was akin to South Slavic surname affix -ic'/-vic', -ovic' pron.
      ovich, meaning 'son of'.
      Similar to Polish surname affix -owicz or -owycz which is pronounced
      the same as and means the same thing as 'son of' (clan name) in
      In Czech and Slovak, the surname affix -ovic^ also pron. ovich,
      meaning 'son of'.
      This special surname ending also has the same meaning in Russian.
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