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6978Re: [S-R] ? WANCHISEN-CHOBERKA from Korejovce (fwd)

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  • Eleanor Chobirko
    Mar 3, 2003
      Hello list members,
      Please pass this onto your friend as we may be related. Thank you.
      I am also researching the Chobirka surname. My husbands grandfather was Russian Orthodox and was born about 1886. My husband knows the name of the village or town, he came from, but I cannot spell it. I have my husband's father's baptismal certificate and the grandfather's name is spelled Yan or Jan Cobirka with the hacek over the C. My husband's father's name was spelled Michal. I know the grandfathrt immigrated to the states about 1909 or so and the grandmother and her son followed later. I have not found the port of entry or ship yet. The grandfather married a Anna Y or Juhason with the hacek over the Y or J.
      Eleanor Chobirko at Ellemarie15642@...
      "John M," <jmatsko4@...> wrote:At 09:33 AM 3/2/2003 -0500, you wrote:

      >Hello to the SLOVAK-ROOTS list. I'm posting to help a friend.
      >Her grandfather, Frank WANCHISEN or WANCHISSEN or VANCHISSEN, was born
      >1888 in Korejovce. May have been Russian Orthodox?

      I believe the Greek Catholic church records for Korejovce are with the
      Medvedie records. Medvedie is just a short distance north of
      Korejovce. Unfortunately, I could not find the church records for Medvedie
      at the FHL site:
      http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Library/FHLC/frameset_fhlc.asp Supposedly,
      the records for Korjovce, Krajna Porubka, and Sarbov are with the Medvedie
      church register. A place search on all the villages did not bring up any

      >Frank's parents were Andrew WANCHISSEN and Anna CHOBERKA.

      There are10 Vanc^is^in (pronounced Vanchishin) listed in Svidnik, which is
      about 6 miles to the southwest of Korejovce. I also found 3 C^obirka
      (pronounced Chobirka) in Svidnik.

      >I find no parish records for Korejovce at the familysearch.org website;
      >perhaps I'm not looking in the right place? Or the LDS Church has not
      >microfilmed those records? What (state or province) would Korejovce have
      >been in in 1888?

      It was in Saros county. I believe the LDS microfilmed the records in that
      area but when I checked this site for LDS microfilm
      numbers, http://carpatho-rusyn.org/films2.htm I couldn't find them there
      either. You n\may have to contact Salt Lake or perhaps Frank K or Bill T.
      may know.

      John M.

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