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6664Re: [S-R] Jewish records - thoughts please

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  • Andrea Vangor
    Dec 1, 2002
      Just a thought -- I have found two or three people with my surname who were
      evidently missing from local village records turning up in the big city
      (Kos~ice). Although they were Lutheran in the villages, with one family
      reverting to Catholicism for a generation, the city dwellers married as
      Greek Catholic.

      Maybe people who changed religion tended to leave town, or vice versa.

      On the other hand, it is possible that the original Vangor families were
      Rusyn and Greek Catholic. Perhaps the city people were some of the original

      How about the idea of military marriages? Did any young men doing their
      army stint ever get married before their discharge? Where would such
      marriages be recorded?

      I think you can rule out the idea of conversions to Judaism. Speaking as
      one born of a Jewish mother and hence a Jew by rabbinical law, I can tell
      you that Jews are not traditionally interested in gaining converts, which
      would have been a dangerous practice in a Christian society. Not to mention
      their own prejudices against gentiles.

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      > Many of you know I am studying the records in Sabinov, where my family
      > is intermarried seemingly to most of the town via Catholic records, and
      > now am finding them married in the Protestant records.
      > Eventually I would like to do a definitive genealogy study on the
      > families in this town, and the thought crossed my mind that maybe, some
      > of the people I can't find in the Catholic and Protestant records may
      > have married into the Jewish faith? There are only 2 films for Jewish
      > records in Sabinov.
      > I know this is just going for guesses for people, but has anyone found
      > their families intermarrying into all faiths when they stay in one town
      > for hundreds of years? Is it worth taking a look at the records?
      > Any thoughts appreciated,
      > Maura
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