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6660Re: [S-R] Jewish records - thoughts please

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  • Vladimir Bohinc
    Dec 1, 2002
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      Dear Maura,
      This is a tricky question.
      If you can not find them, what does that mean?
      Do you know they existed?
      If you have their birth, then you must know their parents, and according to
      names, you can see, if anyone was Jewish.
      However, if you are looking for a marriage of a known person, then it could
      have been just about anywhere.
      Now, you may find births of children in a town, but not marriage of the
      parents. In such case, this was probably not far away.
      In my experience, I do not recall a Catholic person to take Jewish religion.
      I do not hink, this was even possible. But, several Jews got baptized and
      became Catholic. However, surname almost always remained Jewish, so easy to
      And, Jews never lived for hundreds of years in one place. They migrated very
      much, even long distances.
      If you are looking for the marriage, how do you know, they got married?
      Maybe they died in another place, or married much further away, in larger
      cities. I often find such marriages in lerger cities.

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      Subject: [S-R] Jewish records - thoughts please

      Many of you know I am studying the records in Sabinov, where my family
      is intermarried seemingly to most of the town via Catholic records, and
      now am finding them married in the Protestant records.

      Eventually I would like to do a definitive genealogy study on the
      families in this town, and the thought crossed my mind that maybe, some
      of the people I can't find in the Catholic and Protestant records may
      have married into the Jewish faith? There are only 2 films for Jewish
      records in Sabinov.

      I know this is just going for guesses for people, but has anyone found
      their families intermarrying into all faiths when they stay in one town
      for hundreds of years? Is it worth taking a look at the records?

      Any thoughts appreciated,


      Maura Petzolt mpetzolt2@...
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