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  • frankly1us
    Sep 2, 2002
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., "junemckee" <junemckee@y...> wrote:
      > Hi my name is June and I have just really gotten started on tracing
      > my family roots.
      > My grandmother came from I believe Munkacs which I beleive is now in
      > the Ukraine. Does anyone know if it is possible to find out any
      > information on her? She ended up in New York by way of Ellis Island
      > but is not on the manifest because she went to see America and
      > couldnt get back because of the war breaking out. The name I am
      > searching out is Boldizar if anyone could help me on what to do
      > My grandfathers name is the one that I am having a really hard time
      > finding anywhere. Our name is Kolina and I was always told that we
      > are Hungarian. Well I don't see our name in any of the Hungarian
      > surnames. Also he, so I was told but not sure came from Presov which
      > I think is now Slovakia. I don't know how he ended up in New York
      > I don't see his name on the manifest either. I do see other Kolinas
      > but not with his first name or at the right dates. I really don't
      > have a whole lot of information to go buy because I have no exact
      > years just aprox.
      > I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me at all.
      > thank,
      > June McKee

      The 30 surnames Kolina who emigrated to the U.S. via Ellis Island
      appear to be from places like Radimov, Ruskov, Orkucany, Bubrov,
      Sabinov, Vel'ky' Rusko, and Pres^ov, Slovakia.
      Before WW I, this was Upper Hungary.
      Some of these places names are located near Pres^ov, so your GM was
      probably correct.

      The online Hungarian telephone directory (Matáv) yielded no surname
      listings under Kolina.

      What did your surnames Kolina speak ?

      How are you ? English

      Hogy Van ? Hungarian

      Ako sa más^ ? Slovak

      Jak se máte ? Czech

      Jak sie masz ? Polish

      Wie geht es Ihnen ? German
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