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6041Re: [S-R] just getting started

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  • EMSCRS@aol.com
    Sep 1, 2002
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      <PRE>A good place to start would be death and birth certificates, if you can find
      them. Also, some census forms indicate whether or not one is a naturalized
      citizen and the date of immigration. With that year, you can figure out when
      they would have been eligible to apply for citizenship, and try to find their
      naturalization papers and Declaration of Intent. These should contain a lot
      of useful information. Remember also, that a lot of the area was at one time
      part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so someone could say that they were
      Hungarian, but not be actually from Hungary. Do you have any relatives who
      might remember family stories? Also, once you have more information, you can
      start looking in more places. Ellis Island is a great source of information,
      but it is not always accurate. In my case, I found that what was listed as
      "place of origin" was actually just the town in which they were living when
      they left, NOT where they really came from. Good luck! Elizabeth
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