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  • sabinov@xxxxx.xxx
    Jun 21, 1999
      Hi Deb and Welcome to the List!

      A good site for information on obtaining records from the Czech Archives
      , which covers what was Bohemia for the most part, is the CGSI site at

      There are many archives to submit to tho, not just one central one, so
      you will have to do some research on which one to send to.

      My own experience was very good as the end result turned up good
      information going two generations back.... however, it took so long I
      actually forgot I sent in the query.... at least 8 months. Then one day
      I got a registered letter saying they found information, to send $34 US
      and $4 more if I wanted a map of the area. I did so and about a month
      later I got a typed one page report, in Czech, giving me the names of my
      greatgrandfathers parents and their parents.

      I must work on a further study, but have not requested it yet. However,
      I would recommend it to anyone, but caution you that you must send to
      the correct archives and that it takes a long time.

      Hope this helps you.....

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