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5883Re: How do I find out where Paloncza, Hungary was in 1910?

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  • frankly1us
    Aug 5, 2002
      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., "barclaypenn" <barclaypenn@y...> wrote:
      > I did a cursory search of the Ellis Island records online and found
      > that a person who could be my grandmother, Zusannna, or Zuzanna,
      > Lincsa, entered Ellis Island twice; in 1909 & 1910.
      > Her residence is listed as Paloncza, Hungary, both times. Her
      > sister, Anna Lincsa, is listed to have come from Plavnica,(Slovakia
      > is not mentioned), as did Zusanna's future second husband, Stefan
      > Pruzinsky. I always assumed that my grandmother was also from
      > Plavnica. However, she used to tell us that she had attended school
      > in Budapest, so she may have not stayed in Plavnica.
      > Paloncza does not appear on any of the modern maps I have of
      > or Hungary. How could I locate this town?
      > Also, if my grandmother is listed as coming through Ellis Island
      > twice in a year's time, could she have been sent back the first
      > Susan Friedhaber-Hard

      Plavec^ (Sk) was called Palocsa (H)
      Plavnica (Sk) was called Palonca/Paloncza (H)

      LDS-Mormons filmed :

      R.C. parish church records (1686-1924) for Plavnica.

      G.C. parish church records (1822-1903) for Plavnica are listed under

      Lutheran parish church records (1702-1895) for Plavnica are listed
      under Sabinov.
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