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5614Slovak diakritic marks

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  • Joe Mrnka
    Jul 1, 2002
      Dear Susan,

      I thought I would chime into this discussion. It may be
      necessary to install the ability to see those diakritic
      marks in Windows, as I had to do. It wasn't automatically
      installed in my computer.
      In Windows go to >Settings in the start menu
      then Control Panel
      then Add/Remove programs
      which will call up a window with 3 tabs
      click on Windows Setup
      scroll down to Multilanguage support and highlight it,
      then click on details
      this will show 5 language groups, make sure central
      european has a check mark next to it.
      If not, then click on the box.
      Then press the OK tab using mouse, and that should give you
      the ability to see the diakritics.

      I hope this helps you, and anyone else that has had this


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