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5471Re: Surname identification help needed

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  • frankly1us
    May 2, 2002
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      --- In SLOVAK-ROOTS@y..., "mavrik375" <mavrik375@a...> wrote:
      > I need help identifying a Slovakian surname. This surname appears on
      > a baptism certificate (in cursive in Hungarian) of my great
      > grandfather. The baptism certificate is for Andrej Juhas (changed to
      > Yuhas in America) and is dated as 11/1/1860. His parents were noted
      > as Andrej Juhas and Maria Cisjovska (?). Location is Radoma
      > (Giraltovce - in Slovakian).
      > The surname I'm trying to pinpoint correctly is Cisjovska. On the
      > certificate, the name appears to be spelled as Cisjovska. However,
      > the 3rd letter appears to be written over. What appears to be an "s"
      > also could appear to be a "k" for Cikjovska or a small capital "a"
      > for Ciajovska. Also, above the first letter, "C", there is a
      > small "v", which appears to be for some kind of emphasis. What does
      > this mean? This surname is identified on the certificate as Roman
      > Catholic. I have searched all over for this surname (Cisjovska) on
      > various genealogy sites online and other possible spellings, and I
      > have not found one, not even once. So, I am stumped. I would be
      > grateful for anyone that could give me a jumpstart here. Thanks!
      > Mavrik

      Certain archaic letter combinations occurred in Hungarian family

      archaic combinations modern
      (2 letters )
      ch, ts cs
      cz c

      In Hungarian, letter cs is pron. ch and letter c is pron. ts.
      In Slovak, letter c^ (diacritic) is pron. ch and letter c is pron. ts.

      cs = c^
      In Hungarian and most Slavic languages the letter j is pron. y.
      There is also a Slovak diacritic letter s^ pron. sh.

      As a rule of Slovak grammar, female surnames end in -á, -ská, or -ová.
      The feminine form of the surnames is considered merely a separate form
      of same surname, not a distinct surname in itself.

      So, for family name you need to look for Csijov or C^ijov or some variant s=
      pelling ?

      v---------------diacritic letter
      Frank Kurcina
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