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5468Re: [S-R] Surname identification help needed

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  • John M.
    May 1, 2002
      At 04:26 PM 5/1/02 +0000, you wrote:
      >I need help identifying a Slovakian surname. This surname appears on
      >a baptism certificate (in cursive in Hungarian) of my great
      >grandfather. The baptism certificate is for Andrej Juhas (changed to
      >Yuhas in America) and is dated as 11/1/1860. His parents were noted
      >as Andrej Juhas and Maria Cisjovska (?). Location is Radoma
      >(Giraltovce - in Slovakian).

      I found an Irena C^ikovsk√° in the online SK phone directory. She is in
      Bratislava. There are many C^ik and C^ikova in the directory. The "ovska"
      sounds like a Polish or Russian feminine surname ending to me. I believe
      in Slovak it would be C^ikova if her husbands surname was C^ik. The
      diacritic mark above the "C^" means it is pronounced as "Ch". I also found
      a C^ikovsky. The feminine form might be C^ikovska.

      Can you post a scan of the name in the S-R file section so that we might
      get a better idea of what it looks like?


      >The surname I'm trying to pinpoint correctly is Cisjovska. On the
      >certificate, the name appears to be spelled as Cisjovska. However,
      >the 3rd letter appears to be written over. What appears to be an "s"
      >also could appear to be a "k" for Cikjovska or a small capital "a"
      >for Ciajovska. Also, above the first letter, "C", there is a
      >small "v", which appears to be for some kind of emphasis. What does
      >this mean? This surname is identified on the certificate as Roman
      >Catholic. I have searched all over for this surname (Cisjovska) on
      >various genealogy sites online and other possible spellings, and I
      >have not found one, not even once. So, I am stumped. I would be
      >grateful for anyone that could give me a jumpstart here. Thanks!
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