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5466Surname identification help needed

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  • mavrik375
    May 1, 2002
      I need help identifying a Slovakian surname. This surname appears on
      a baptism certificate (in cursive in Hungarian) of my great
      grandfather. The baptism certificate is for Andrej Juhas (changed to
      Yuhas in America) and is dated as 11/1/1860. His parents were noted
      as Andrej Juhas and Maria Cisjovska (?). Location is Radoma
      (Giraltovce - in Slovakian).

      The surname I'm trying to pinpoint correctly is Cisjovska. On the
      certificate, the name appears to be spelled as Cisjovska. However,
      the 3rd letter appears to be written over. What appears to be an "s"
      also could appear to be a "k" for Cikjovska or a small capital "a"
      for Ciajovska. Also, above the first letter, "C", there is a
      small "v", which appears to be for some kind of emphasis. What does
      this mean? This surname is identified on the certificate as Roman
      Catholic. I have searched all over for this surname (Cisjovska) on
      various genealogy sites online and other possible spellings, and I
      have not found one, not even once. So, I am stumped. I would be
      grateful for anyone that could give me a jumpstart here. Thanks!

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