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  • shelley20640
    Mar 21, 2002
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      Frankly 1 and Milan thanks so much for helping me. I was able to
      find out alot of information once I knew what the columns were. I
      went and looked up the names of all of the columns. I was able to
      find out that Charles immigrated here when he was 25 and that Annie
      came here when she was 5. That matches my family history. He was to
      have come here alone as a young man and met her in New York City.
      Also when I was little my grandmother told me how terrible New York
      was, how her mother when she was a very young child had to work in
      factories. All the children had to work that was the only way they
      could survive. In the census records I found that Charles could read
      and write but Annie could not, so even though she spent her childhood
      in the US she had never gone to school.

      I know that you said alot of the census records were rubber stamped
      Slovak. I was lucky they were all hand written. Also it listed both
      of them as being born in Austria and that their language was Slovak.
      I looked at other families in the area and they seem to have recorded
      accurately. I found some families listed as born in Austria but
      their language is Magyar.

      One thing that did throw me for a few minutes. Was that Charles was
      listed as a merchant when I thought he would have been a miner. But
      he might have been a miner for a while and then opened a store. He's
      listed as owning a grocery store. Then I remembered when I was little
      my g-uncle Steve Risko ran a grocery store which the Riskos had run
      for years. So that makes sense also.

      One clue that I have is he was writing letters to Hungary and
      Denmark. By the dates on the stamps it was 1937 or after. My
      grandmother saved the stamps and gave them to me, but they had cut
      them off the letters. I would have been great to have had the return
      address. Oh well.

      I can't seem to find any information on them in 1910. But if they
      might have still been in New York. If they lived in some tenement
      section of New York, I'm not sure how well the census takers covered
      those areas. Also I still can't figure out why he was in a prison
      camp. He came here in 1900, so it must have been something that was
      going on in the 1890's. I'll have to do more research on that.
      Sorry I have dragged on so long.

      Thank you again for your help,
      Shelley Clark
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