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  • Nevada Custom Urns
    Oct 2, 1999

      My name is JoAnn Cox. I have been looking for someone to translate bohemian
      into english. I have some death notices that I can't read. My mother could
      read and write bohemian but she passed away in 1995. Too little to late.
      Should have gotten interested in geneology sooner. My grandfather was
      Joseph Kyhos and my grandmother was Anna M. Cervenka. They were both born
      in 1881 in Pecinov, Nove Stretsche sorry about the spelling. About an hour
      out of Prague. I am looking for any help I can get with their geneology .
      Talk to you soon.

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      From: Judy (and Dr. Joe ) Quashnock <judyq@...>
      To: SLOVAK-ROOTS@onelist.com <SLOVAK-ROOTS@onelist.com>
      Date: Friday, October 01, 1999 7:25 PM
      Subject: [SLOVAK-ROOTS] Latin ?

      >From: "Judy (and Dr. Joe ) Quashnock" <judyq@...>
      >natae - by birth (female, male is natu)
      >maritus - husband or wife, more generally a lover
      >colonus - (a bit more difficult) a colonist but could mean a farmer along
      >the lines of a share cropper
      >The endings are male so the term probably applies to the great grandfather
      >indicating that he, the husband of Anna, was a farmer without land, the
      >German term was "inmann" meaning he did not own a farm.
      >If you could supply the complete text, it may make be easier to translate
      >in the context of the document.
      >I hope this helps.
      >Dr. "Q"
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      >From: <JArcher360@...>
      >> Question for the group: have a copy of the church record that includes
      >> date of my great grandfather. It has three lines in the block: Georgius
      >> Gradeczky underneath that is Anna natae Turek, his wife. but also in
      >> block is maritus colonus. What does that mean? Caroline
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