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4755Location in New Jersey??

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  • JPasqua342@aol.com
    Oct 1, 2001
      Hi Group:

      I recently received a birth certificate for an Aunt dated 1911. I was using
      this to search my grandfather.

      The birth certificate was from St Michaels in Passaic. The address that my
      grandfather gave for place of birth was something like "Hiberllia" or
      Hibernia????? This probably is close to Passaic. I also found the name on
      ship manifests on the Ellis Island web site. Any suggestions as to the
      location and correct spelling of this town.

      Thank you in advance....

      PS Thanks for the info on Scranton........I finally reached a possible family
      member there and he is sending me the info I need, which I would have found
      at the Church.........Hopefully we have made a connection.