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446Re: Intro and Q. re: GARANY, Hungary

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  • Amfield@xxx.xxx
    Sep 13 4:41 PM
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      In a message dated 9/13/99 6:17:53 PM, averostko@... writes:

      >From: Andy Verostko <averostko@...>

      Hi Andy,

      (gently snipped)

      Thanks for all the good info, Andy. I have been to the Family History Center,
      which is where I ordered the microfilm with the passenger lists. I'm very
      fortunate to live in the Chicago area because I can get to the Newberry
      Library - which is a gold mine!

      Newberry has lots and lots of info on Lake County, IN.

      I did receive the marriage applications (1918) and certificate for my
      grandparents - from Lake County, IN. But when I showed it to my half-sisters,
      they immediately exclaimed that the handwriting was NOT their grandparents.
      And they also pointed out a glaring error in my grandmother's birthdate. It
      looks as if some clerk probably took the information orally, and recorded it
      haphazardly. I'm not sure just how much English either of my grandparents
      spoke at that time, but again, according to my half-sisters - not too much.

      >Evsebet, (Hungarian)� Alzbeta, (Slovak) = Elizabeth.Please remember that
      >Hungarian was the Language and name forms

      Upon a second look, my great grandmother's name was definitely Evsebet.
      Thanks so much, because this confirms another family member for me. My
      grandfather's brother, Mike Rehtorik, died in PA - however there were two
      around the same time period. But I have the death certificate for the Mike I
      thought was the right one, and BINGO. His mother's name was Elizabeth Tomko.

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